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El Oli

We are backed by more than 50 years of experience
in the olive and EVOO sector


In olives "el oli" we have been producing since 1965 handcrafted a whole range of products with the best raw materials provided by the field.

Our purpose is to supply all kitchens with our top quality products.

Olive oil

benefits of liquid gold

Cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet, the oil not only stands out for its organoleptic qualities, but also has many advantages for our health. Know your types and how to take advantage of it in the kitchenvvvv

Strengthens the immune system

Olive oil helps strengthen it thanks to the antioxidants and other essential nutrients that this product contains. Thus, taking extra virgin olive oil helps the immune system and offers protection against diseases

Fight diabetes

Scientifically proven. A study published by the scientific journal Diabetes Care revealed that any Mediterranean diet that has olive oil is capable of reducing cases of type II diabetes by up to 50%. And is that the healthy fats in the oil could help regulate sugar levels and insulin production

It has anticancer properties

A recent study by the WHO (World Health Organization), pointed out that a component of olive oil, called "oleocantal", was able to kill cancer cells without damaging the other cells. Thanks to this, grandmothers who frequently consume oil in their diet have less incidence of cancer. However, studies on this compound are still being carried out, in order to get the best of it.

Our spicy oils

Aceite Mediterráneo


We have prepared this oil with all the essences and spices that remind us of our entire Mediterranean-

Aceite Campesina

Peasant woman

With this oil we want to bring the flavors of the field to our meats and salads.

Aceite Hot Chili

Hot chili

Dare to try our oil with a spicy touch, you can also try our extra spicy oil only for the bravest.


'Breast' oil

Our traditional oil that has never been lacking in breast house, will transport you to childhood.

Being manufacturers we can customize the bottle format and the labeling that we can serve, this allows us to have a whole range of virgin oils in different formats so you can choose the one you like best.

Our virgin oils


Glass format


Transparent glass format


Can format

Our olives

Gordal deshuesada salsa mediterranea

Boneless Gordal Mediterranean sauce

an olive to the touch of pepper and oregano.

Gordal deshuesada salsa hot chili

Boneless Gordal Hot chili sauce

Olive with spicy touch.

Rellena de almendra

Stuffed with almonds

Olive with a mild taste on the palate with a natural almond.

Rellena de ajo

Stuffed with garlic

Olive with a mild flavor with a low acidity garlic without losing all its benefits.



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03204 Elche (Alicante)

  +34 600 864 509